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Angeles City – Heartfelt gratitude and overwhelming happiness surrounded the walls of the grand ballroom of Grand Palazzo Royale as Hausland Development Corporation celebrated its 25th anniversary.
Posted on:Fri, Jan 13th 2012, 03:31

Dubbed as 25 valued years, the employees, bank partners, suppliers, unit managers, and other special guests were present in the said event which happened on December 16, Friday. The aforementioned were regarded as the reason behind the success of the company.

A Eucharistic Celebration took place to bless the big event. Twenty-five symbols were offered by the members of the management committee representing the company’s 25 valued years.

An audio-visual presentation starred by the three pillars of Hausland, Wilfredo Tan, Mariano Tan and Pepito Tan, was shown and it talked about the achievements, growth, success, and sincerity of expressing deep thanks to the people who give unending support to the company.

And since it was a Christmas party, gift giving took place but in a form of raffle draw. Mostly employees were the ones who waited so much for this part. Big and exciting prizes were given to those lucky people in the raffle draw.

In addition, well-known performers were there to make the event more vibrant. Pop OPM band Side A, sang their hearts out with their famous songs; known for being a comedienne, actress and host, K Brosas who became the master of the ceremony, formally welcomed the people there. And during the dinner part, theatrical music stirred up and applauded by the audience as the Classicas sang note-hitting Christmas songs.

Also, this anniversary celebration highlighted the recognition of the people who work hard and who stay in the company for more than a decade. Headed by the CEO of Hausland and Fiesta Communities, Wilfredo M. Tan awarded them for their dedication and loyalty to the corporation. These people served as inspiration to the other employees of the company to work harder.

The 25 valued years of Hausland Development Corporation will serve as a motivation for the company to maintain its strong foundation from the very beginning. With full and undying support of the involve individuals, Hausland will keep on aiming for more years of building more homes and fruitful success in the real estate industry.